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Greetings from Nairobi. I've a shorter report than usual this month, mainly taking the opportunity to update some of the reports in last month's Communication, with news from southern and west Africa, as well as the east.




After first reappearing on 7130 kHz in January, the MBC switched to using another of its former frequencies, 3380. At the time of writing, I only hear Malawi on 3380 in the early morning and again from the late afternoon onwards. It's not clear whether there are no shortwave transmissions during the middle of the day, or (as I suspect) if they are on 3380 which is not propagating as far as Kenya.




Another Kenyan station is now being relayed on WorldSpace. It's Capital FM from Nairobi. The WorldSpace ID is CAPITLFM. Unfortunately, it is only on the southern Africa beam, and so not audible in Europe. You can read more about Capital at its web site -


This brings to five the number of Kenyan stations on WorldSpace. Apart from Capital, they are the KBC's Swahili service, East FM, Kiss FM and the Kenya Institute of Education (KIE).


Check out Kiss FM's web site at


As reported by Mike Barraclough in the February edition of Communication (page 59), Mali is another addition to WorldSpace, and I can confirm that it is on the eastern and southern African beams, as well as the western beam heard by Mike. The station opens just before 0600 GMT with a distinctive interval signal, the Malian national anthem and a clear identification in French, followed by frequency announcements. These mention three shortwave channels and two FM frequencies for Bamako, but nothing about mediumwave, so perhaps Mali has abandoned MF broadcasting.




Benin: Ralph Brandi, in the February edition of Communication (page 28), reported tentative reception of Benin on 7120.28. I can confirm that while based in Ghana late last year I heard Benin - albeit irregularly - on 7210.2.


Niger: Also in last month's Communication (page 33), Rumen Pankov speculated that Niger was now inactive on 5020. Again, while in Ghana, I heard the station on 5020.4. But, like Benin, the transmissions were erratic. I also heard Niger on 9705 - but beware, the frequency is variable and one must be careful not to confuse Niger with Ethiopia, which also has an off-channel transmitter on 9705.


Nigeria: In last month's logbook (page 41) Jerry Berg wondered whether Kaduna was still active on 9570. My observations indicate that it is not, with the station just being active now on 4770 and 6090.

Best wishes from east Africa,  Chris

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Updated: 19 Sept 2002